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Bliss Blog

Uncategorized / 27.10.2020

There’s a few events in a young woman’s life that she’ll remember forever. Her first kiss, her first date, her first love, and her first bra fitting. A first bra fitting is about so much more than bras! It’s about inclusivity, body acceptance, empowerment, education, setting...

Bra Fitting / 28.09.2020

Updated Jan 26, 2023 In a niche industry that prides itself on personal service, how can we move forward as safely as possible in the age of Covid without sacrificing on service? It’s a fair question. I’ve (Tamara) watched dozens of webinars on options for small...

Bra Fitting / 04.02.2020

Properly Fitted Bras: What’s In It For Me? Pulling. Twisting. Tucking. Fidgeting. Adjusting. Pulling. Twisting. Tucking. Fidgeting. Re-adjusting. Pulling. Twisting. Tucking. Fidgeting. Re-adjusting. ARGH!!! We wear bras for about 60 years of our lives, approximately 12 hours most days. That’s a 21,900 day relationship. If you’ve been...