Swimsuit Shopping – Oh, What Sweet Hell Is This?!
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Swimsuit Shopping –
Oh, What Sweet Hell Is This?!

Swimsuit Shopping –
Oh, What Sweet Hell Is This?!

First off, let us just say, WE GET IT. We don’t exactly jump for joy when it’s time to go swimwear shopping EITHER.

We’re not immune from the trials and tribulations we all face in the change room looking at hanger upon hanger of swimsuits, wishing we were anywhere but THERE. And we’re in the business of helping girls and women feel more comfortable, confident, and happier in their bodies! We’re pretty darn sure if we surveyed 100 girls and women, 100 girls and women would say swimwear shopping is depressing, anxiety-provoking, deflating, disheartening, and discouraging. But ladies, do not despair! There is hope and light at the end of the deep, dark swimwear tunnel! As fitting specialists, we have seen both ends of the emotional spectrum with our valued clients: absolutely dejected and close to tears with zero expectation of success upon arrival at Bliss Beneath, transforming into gobsmacked jubilant celebration at the conclusion of their swimsuit fitting experience! With several stunning options to choose from! Yes, you read that correctly! Several. Stunning. Options. Not just one swimsuit you dislike the least…you know what we mean…the best of the worst. It’s exactly because we share the same emotional roller coaster as our clients that we’re SO GOOD at selecting flattering swimwear.

So what’s the criteria for flattering swimwear?

First and foremost, proper fit and support. It’s impossible to feel comfortable and confident chasing our kids around the beach, paddle boarding, water skiing, cannonballing, floating, or even simply soaking up the sunshine when our breasts are falling out of our swimsuit. Enter bra-sized swimwear! No more S, M, L, XL sizes. Would we shop for shoes with those sizes and expect success? Of course not! No more only buying halter style swimsuits because they’re the only swimwear option that even comes close to providing breast coverage, even though they kill the back of our necks from trying to support the weight of our breasts. Are you bigger on top and smaller on the bottom (or vice versa?) We can measure and fit you properly in store with our swimsuits in stock and then customize a swimsuit order just for you (inquire in-store for more details). Proper fit and support in a swimsuit is three-quarters of the battle conquered! Once Marcy and Tamara have determined your bra size, you’re seamlessly and painlessly transitioned into swimwear sizes. Yes ladies, it’s just that easy!

Moving on from proper fit and support, what else makes a swimsuit flattering?

Prints keep the eye moving, and thus we don’t focus on the areas of our bodies we perceive as flawed. Florals, geometrics, chevron, classics such as polka dot and animal print (both of which are still huge fashion influences in 2020!), and even strategically placed, super thin stripes are all very flattering options when shopping for swimwear. Prints on top that draw the eye up and solid colours from the waist down, whether in a one piece swimsuit, tankini, or a bikini, are excellent options to look for as well.

If solid coloured swimsuits are more your taste, seek out styles with ruching, particularly über-flattering, front wrap ruching. It provides the same becoming effect on a women’s body as a wrap dress, but in a swimsuit. Leg cuts that are ruched with side ties give us the option of more or less leg coverage and are a pretty detail. Twist ruching over the bust of a swimsuit lends a lovely outline to the breasts. And a little bit of ruching in a rear centre seam is a fun and flirty touch, adding interest to the back of the swimsuit and shapeliness to our tushes.


If you’ve always worn dark or black swimwear in the past, be open to trying on what your fitting specialist recommends. No one says you have to buy…you’re simply keeping an open mind and trying on. Remember, we’ve seen these styles already on dozens of beautifully unique female bodies (including our own…yes, Tamara and Marcy try everything on!). If you prefer black, try black with white polka dots, or a black bottom with an animal print tankini top. Has navy swimwear always been your go-to? Test out a navy floral. Think a bikini is just a ghost from your swimwear past? Supportive, full coverage tops with higher-waisted bottoms made for real women’s bodies bring the bikini right back into the realm of swimsuit possibilities! And by the way, there is no age limit for wearing a bikini! By staying open to trying on swimwear you may not have chosen for yourself and trusting your fitting specialist, we increase the odds exponentially of finding YOUR most flattering swimsuits!

One last word about swimsuits:

Marcy and Tamara absolutely love when you leave our shop stunned and shocked into happiness with your swimwear selections. What we love even more is the thought of all the memories you’re going to create while comfortably and happily wearing your new swimsuits. Some of the things our valued clients have shared with us: surprising their kids and dumping them off their raft into the lake at the family cottage, playing volleyball in the pool with strangers on their all-inclusive holiday, and being 15 years old and able to take a surfing lesson with the rest of her family, confident that that her new bra-sized bikini will stay in place and support her. Swimwear shouldn’t hold us back from living and enjoying our best lives!

Bliss Beneath is located at 241 Essa Road, Unit 5, Barrie, Ontario

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