Your Fit Experience
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Your Fit Experience

Bliss Beneath

We love helping you fit!

Breasts are like women: they come in a fabulous array of shapes and sizes.

At Bliss Beneath, we stock a specially-chosen, extensive selection of flattering styles and sizes that won’t break the bank. When you come in for your complimentary, private fit experience, you’ll be invited into our bright, spacious, and private fitting rooms. We’ll explore what has brought you in to see us that day, what brands you’ve tried in the past, and your lifestyle.

Your feedback, together with our fit expertise and product knowledge, are the perfect combination for finding your ideal fit.

Your first fit experience will require approximately 15-30 minutes, perhaps longer if you want to be fitted for bras and swimwear in the same visit, and approximately 30-40 minutes for a prosthesis and bra fitting. We’ll measure you directly on top of the bra you’re wearing that day; this measurement, plus a visual assessment, gives us an estimate to begin your fit experience with. Sometimes we achieve your ideal fit with the first bra, but more often than not, it takes two or three bras to achieve your ideal fit. During the fitting, we’ll explain what we’re doing every step of the way and why. Once we’ve established your ideal fit, we can show you different styles and colours you may have never considered before!

Eighty-percent (80%) of women wear the wrong size bra, normally with the cup too small and the band too loose. As a result, your new bra may feel snug the first few wears. The fabric will give a bit, just like new shoes do, after the first few times you wear it. No matter the type of bra or swimwear we’re fitting you for, you’ll come away from your fit experience with all the knowledge you’ll ever need to select a properly fitted bra and swimwear. Not to worry; there is a bra out there for every girl and every woman. Like with all clothing, there are variations in sizing, and you could be a different size in a different style and a different brand. It’s important to remember the numbers and letters don’t matter: your fit, your comfort, your confidence and your happiness matter. Our commitment to you is finding your ideal fit. Trying on bras and swimwear doesn’t have to be an exercise in frustration; at Bliss Beneath, it is an educational, rewarding, and fun experience. Treat yourself or someone you love to a first class lingerie and swimwear fit experience right here in Barrie, Ontario. We love helping you fit!