A Bliss Beneath Bra Fitting Experience: What To Expect
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A Bliss Beneath Bra Fitting Experience: What To Expect

A Bliss Beneath Bra Fitting Experience: What To Expect

Congratulations! You’ve scheduled an appointment at Bliss Beneath for a bra fitting!

You’re a little apprehensive, and you’re definitely excited. Apprehension is completely normal; you’re going to be removing your shirt in front of a complete stranger! Excitement because you’ve probably been meaning to do this for a long time, you’ve likely read our more than 100 5-star reviews, and you’re totally looking forward to feeling more comfortable, confident, and happier in your bra!

After going through a detailed health questionnaire and asking you to please use our hand sanitizer (more about our Covid precautionary procedures in a different blog post), we’ll invite you into a spacious fitting room. We’ll ask you what it is that you’re looking for in a new bra. What is working well for you with your current bras and what’s not working for you. After all, this is YOUR bra fitting experience! It’s all about YOU! After soliciting your feedback we’ll ask you to please remove your shirt but leave on your bra. Why do we do this? Why don’t we just measure you for your bra fitting on top of your clothes? Well, the reason is quite simple. The measuring tape usually is not accurate! The measuring tape is a guideline, and a useful one. However, it’s very rare for a woman to actually be the size she measures. We have years of bra fitting experience under our belts; we’ve performed literally thousands of bra fittings. We use our practiced eyes together with the measuring tape to determine the best first size to start with.  We measure you in two places over the bra you’re wearing, and together with the feedback you gave us and the measuring tape information, we leave the fitting room to choose the first bra for you to try on.

When we return with the first bra and each one thereafter, we always give you some information about that bra: the manufacturer, why we think that particular bra is a good one to start with, and any special features it may have.  Education and information is a HUGE part of a Bliss Beneath bra fitting experience!

Usually we leave the change room while you’re trying on the bras. Some women ask us to stay to offer assistance, and some women are very comfortable and don’t mind at all if we stay in the change room.  We are perfectly fine with either; we respect your privacy, and we also work with breasts all day long and recognize they’re just another part of a woman’s body, like feet, that requires support.  Bra fittings and boobs are our career!

If the first bra you try on isn’t the perfect fit, we’ll bring in others until we achieve your ideal fit. Once we achieve your ideal fit, that’s when the fit component education portion of your bra fitting starts! A bra fitting at Bliss Beneath is more than just trying on bras; we strive to empower girls and women in their bra fitting experience with enough information and education to confidently shop for bras for the remainder of your life, no matter your age, shape, or size (medical conditions and pregnancy/breastfeeding excepted).

You might notice throughout your bra fitting experience there aren’t any posters of lingerie models or swimsuit models in the change rooms, or anywhere else in the store for that matter. In place of those marketing posters, you’ll read body positive, inspirational quotes.  Tamara does this deliberately.  It’s anxiety provoking enough to be taking off your shirt in front of a someone for a bra fitting without looking at posters of professional models none of us look like who have been through hours of hair and make-up, are posing in specialty lighting in front of a professional photographer, and have had all of their rolls, wrinkles, and cellulite edited out.

In addition to reviewing the components of proper fit, we explain the differences in bra styles during your bra fitting experience. We’ll also introduce you to new styles and new colours you may never have tried on before.
At the conclusion of your bra fitting, we’ll educate you on how to properly care for your bras (hand wash only, no machine!) and why. Whether you choose to purchase or not, we don’t charge for our bra fitting experience. We strive to empower girls and women to appreciate, respect, and love their bodies in our body positive environment. We wear bras for approximately 60 years of our lives, or about 283,000 hours. A Bliss Beneath bra fitting can help you to feel more comfortable, confident, and happier for each and every one of those 283,000 hours!

Bliss Beneath is located at 241 Essa Road, Unit 5, Barrie, Ontario

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