Your Daughter’s First Bra Fitting
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Your Daughter’s First Bra Fitting

Your Daughter’s First Bra Fitting

There’s a few events in a young woman’s life that she’ll remember forever.

Her first kiss, her first date, her first love, and her first bra fitting. A first bra fitting is about so much more than bras! It’s about inclusivity, body acceptance, empowerment, education, setting the bar high for all future bra shopping experiences in the decades to come, and a safe environment for girls and women. At Bliss Beneath we’re in a unique position to provide your daughter, no matter her age, shape, or size, with a fun, body-positive, memorable experience for her first bra fitting. Let’s consider for a moment how we as grown women feel walking into a mass retailer chain bra store. It’s intimidating! Never mind the getting undressed part! At Bliss Beneath we have a light, airy, calm, welcoming space with no posters or images of lingerie models that none of us look like. Young ladies are inundated through every medium, especially social media, with false, edited, unrealistic images of what a girl or woman’s body looks like. We have message boards in each of our spacious, light, and bright change rooms with body positive quotes. We also showcase our fabulous mannequins that range from about a size 2 to a size 20.

At Bliss Beneath our focus isn’t on selling bras; our focus is on education and empowerment. A bra fitting for a young girl is an opportunity to de-sexualize breasts; breasts are just another body part of a girl and woman’s body that require support, just like feet need shoes for support. The years where a girl is growing and developing are the years where she is so susceptible to teasing, bullying, shame, and embarrassment – a positive first bra fitting experience can help her feel empowered IN her body and proud OF her body. Through our educational fitting experience, we empower young ladies with the knowledge to shop for properly fitted, supportive bras the rest of their lives, through all of the size changes that occur through regular growth, weight gain, weight loss, and hormonal changes. We also chat about things like asymmetry (perfectly normal), nipple hairs (perfectly normal), and changes in cup size around their periods (perfectly normal).

It’s especially important for a young lady to be properly fitted for a sports bra for when she is being active. Time Magazine performed a study a few years ago that focussed on girls ages 11 to 16. They followed these girls for many years into adulthood. In a nutshell, the results of the study are as follows: the girls who were properly fitted for sports bras continued with gym class in secondary school, participated in active extracurricular activities, and were more likely to grow up and continue to be active as grown women. The reverse was also true; the girls who were not properly fit for sports bras did not continue with gym class in secondary school, dropped out of their active extracurricular activities, and were far more likely to grow up into inactive, sedentary women with all of the health risks associated with inactivity. These girls reported feeling shame, embarrassment, and physical pain as the main reasons for discontinuing their active lifestyles. If you look at the required/recommended equipment list for boys when they’re joining a sports team, you will often see a jockstrap is a part of that list. Interestingly, you very rarely see a sports bra is included on a girls list of required/ required equipment.

At Bliss Beneath we carry bras with and without underwire that start at a 30 back size in an A cup and go to a 46 back size and a JJ cup. We aren’t limited at all in cup or back sizes; our sizes are inclusive because ALL girls and women, no matter their age, shape, or size, deserve properly fitted bras! The limited, narrow size availability in mass North American bra retailers is the single largest contributor to 80% of North American girls and women wearing the wrong size bra! Imagine how your daughter might feel if she’s a size that a mass bra retailer can’t fit properly? Embarrassed, mortified, ashamed, and she’ll probably never want to go bra shopping again. We have comfortable pretty styles, and we have comfortable simple styles. Let us help you create a special memory with your daughter(s) with a fun, no-pressure, no fee, empowering, and educational bra fitting experience.

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