Bra Fitting In the Age of Covid
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Bra Fitting In the Age of Covid

Bra Fitting In the Age of Covid

Updated Jan 26, 2023

In a niche industry that prides itself on personal service, how can we move forward as safely as possible in the age of Covid without sacrificing on service? It’s a fair question. I’ve (Tamara) watched dozens of webinars on options for small lingerie shops to operate safely, pivot, and remain relevant in the age of COVID-19.

Bra fittings are an up close and personal experience. One of the biggest suggestions to date to pivot a small lingerie business is to move away from in-person bra fittings to virtual bra fittings. While Bliss Beneath was closed for two months, I gave it a try. A close friend of mine lives about an hour and a half away from Barrie, and she wanted me to do a bra fitting for her. We set up a FaceTime call, and I guided her through the measuring process. I’ve known this friend for a long time, and I’ve seen her in her bra and bikini before.  She followed my measuring instructions to a “T”, and she measured a 34 D. I knew this was wrong. From my years of bra fitting experience and performing thousands of bra fittings, I knew she was either a 30 or 32 back size and either an F, FF, or a G cup. Knowing the measuring tape was way off, I wouldn’t allow her to purchase a bra.  Instead, we waited for the capacity restrictions to be lifted and for Bliss Beneath to reopen. She was one of my first clients once we reopened. And guess what? In her new favourite bra she was a 32 FF. For this reason, we’re not pursuing virtual bra fittings.

Our three huge fitting rooms (they really are huge….everyone comments on that!) measure 60 sq ft, 60 sq ft, and 70 sq ft. When we’ve finished adjusting the bra you’re trying on, we have loads of space to back up, maintain social distance, and continue with the education component of your bra fitting experience. There’s hand sanitizer dispensers in every change room, and we rotate our usage of each room. We’re washing our hands all day: before a bra fitting, after a bra fitting, in between serving all other clients, and after receiving inventory. This isn’t new for us at Bliss Beneath; it’s just good hygiene practice.

We sanitize all the touch points in the change rooms, the front door, and the front desk between serving our clients.

Something we did during our Covid closure is create an online store at . This allows clients who have previously had a bra fitting with us and whose size hasn’t changed to confidently shop for the same or similar style of bra at any hour of any given day from just about any location (Saturday night while watching Netflix in your pyjamas enjoying a glass of wine sound familiar? Yep, we do it too! Lol!). We offer in store pick-up, front door/curbside pick-up, and we will ship for a nominal fee within Canada.

If you have any questions or concerns about bra fittings at Bliss Beneath during Covid 19, we invite you to reach out to us. We’re always available to chat with you and help you find the shopping solution you’re most comfortable with. Your health AND our health is our priority.

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