Lingerie For Valentine’s Day: Too Passé?
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Lingerie For Valentine’s Day: Too Passé?

Lingerie For Valentine’s Day: Too Passé?

Is a gift of lingerie for Valentine’s Day passé?

We say NO, if the gift giver bears in mind some modern, thoughtful guidelines.

To begin, lingerie isn’t restricted to the traditional perception of sexy garments that spend more time on the floor or at the back of the closet than they do on a woman’s body. Lingerie is just about any garment a woman wears under her clothes or wears to bed. There’s also been a shift in the lingerie industry in the past 10 years. Lingerie is no longer just something for women to wear to be looked at, admired, and desired. The modern woman views lingerie as something she wears first and foremost for HERSELF. Lingerie is extremely empowering, and women are eagerly harnessing that power inside AND outside the bedroom through their lingerie choices.

Consider your motivation behind a potential gift of lingerie. Is it to jump start a night of romance? Is it so she’ll feel comfortable, confident, beautiful, and happy getting ready for work every day?

Do your homework first. What would SHE like to wear? If you select a lingerie garment with what YOU find sexy or attractive in mind, your gesture may not be received the way you hope. Discreetly peek in her lingerie drawer; if there’s nothing in there but beige and black seamless bras and cotton panties, she might not jump for joy with a gift of a hot pink chiffon babydoll with a marabou feather bodice. Lingerie is very personal, and she might not feel comfortable or confident leaping a whole football field out of her comfort zone.

Consult a lingerie specialist. We’re here to help! We love what we do! At Bliss Beneath we keep track of our client’s purchases and their sizes. There’s a really good chance if she’s purchased a bra from us in beige and black that she’d love and appreciate the same one in a colour or a different bra with a similar fit. By the way, did you know red is a neutral? Red disappears under white. She can wear a red bra and a red panty under white, and the red won’t show through! If she already knows this, make sure you also let her know on days when she’s feeling blah or has something big to tackle, that’s the day to wear her red bra and panty. Red is the colour of power and passion, and wearing red gives a woman an unspoken psychological boost. It’s true!

If the woman in your life usually sleeps in t-shirts, a thoughtful lingerie gift could be a nightie in a delicious, soft fabric such as modal. It’s similar to what she normally wears, but you’re upping the “delicious factor” with the sumptuous, soft fabric!

Is she already a lingerie aficionado? This can be an opportunity for you to consult Marcy and Tamara at her favourite lingerie specialty shop (Bliss Beneath!), and get creative! Chances are she may have a lingerie “wish list” on her client profile, or she’s noticed and mentioned in passing that she loves a particular garment in the shop. Lingerie fitting specialists are perceptive and intuitive individuals…we take notice of these things and can pass these tips along to you!

If the recipient of your thoughtfulness has never had a proper lingerie fitting experience from a lingerie fitting specialist, you’ll be a HERO if you choose a gift certificate! Properly fitted lingerie is a life-transforming experience for women. You don’t have to believe us; check out our almost *70* 5-star reviews in almost 8 months of being open for business!

Lingerie is powerful. Lingerie is amongst the garments women wear for the most hours in a day. Lingerie can help make us feel comfortable, supported, confident, happy, sensual, sexy, and empowered! The woman in your life will appreciate a gift of lingerie or a gift certificate to Bliss Beneath, whether it’s on Valentine’s Day or any other day, if you take the time and make the effort to make it thoughtful and gear your selections to her particular tastes.

Bliss Beneath is located at 241 Essa Road, Unit 5, Barrie, Ontario

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