Before Arriving
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Before Arriving


Helping you feel your most comfortable, your most confident, and your happiest in your garments that are closest to your skin is what we love to do and what we do best.

We’re continuously trying to improve the service we provide YOU, our valued clients, and we’re confident our Garment Trying On Guidelines are going to do just that! When you come in for your 5-star rated Fitting Experience, please kindly keep the following in mind:

*Please be freshly showered and clean. If you’ve been to the gym or gone on a nice walk, please shower before coming in or come in at another time. Our bras, undies, swimsuits, bodysuits, and sleepwear are directly next to your skin. Please ensure your skin is clean.

*Please don’t have powder or layers of cream on your skin. It transfers onto our new garments and is extremely difficult to get out. This doesn’t mean that you can’t moisturize in the morning before you come in…we mean a thick layer of cream.

*If you have a rash or your skin around your breasts is shiny, please see a doctor and wait for it to clear up before coming in. We aren’t doctors, but we do see women with rashes and what looks like yeast infections on and around the breasts daily. For hygienic reasons we can’t fit you until the rash/shininess clears up.

Thank you so much for abiding by our garment trying on guidelines. It’s going to help us make the absolute most of your Fitting Experience! We truly appreciate it, and we look forward to serving you.