Gift Giving
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Gift Giving

Bliss Beneath

Gift Giving As Easy As 1, 2, 3

Gift giving can sometimes be a little tricky. We always hope the recipient of a gift sees the genuine thought and care that goes into the gesture. Not to worry; we’ve made gift giving simple, smooth, and enjoyable. Whether or not a purchase is made after the complimentary Fit Experience, we keep track of sizes, preferred colours and styles, and create individual Wish Lists. If you want to purchase an amazingly comfortable bra for your loved one, we can help you with that!

It’s as simple as looking up their size, selecting the item, and gift wrapping it for you! Not to worry; if it doesn’t fit, we can exchange the item for something that does fit so long as the tags are still attached.

If your loved one hasn’t benefitted from our professional, complimentary fit experience, a beautifully wrapped gift certificate fits perfectly. She can come in at a later date, and let us spoil her. It isn’t work if you love what you do, and at Bliss Beneath, we love what we do! Or if you can’t come into the store, you can also conveniently buy one online and it will be emailed to them!