Lingerie Care
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Lingerie Care

Bliss Beneath

Take care of your lingerie and they’ll take care of you

Lingerie care brands we carry:

• Soak

Lingerie is no different than any other clothing you wear. How you take care of it (or don’t) will affect its performance and longevity.

If you put your jeans with the stretch in them into the dryer, they won’t last, right? After speaking to hundreds of women, the general consensus is You. Are. Busy! You don’t have time to hand wash your lingerie! We hear you. But…hand washing those delicate fabrics and underwire really is best. An everyday wear bra needs a soak every wear to every second wear at most, and a sports bra every wear. Why, you ask? Because it’s our own natural body oils and sweat that is absorbed into the fabric of the bra that breaks
down the fibres of the fabric, weakening it. By extracting the impurities every wear to every two wears, the fibres of the fabric and the elasticity can be restored as much as possible.

How can we make this easier for you? By removing a step in the hand wash process, of course! Insert Soak. Soak is a Canadian company who have created a wonderful, gentle, plant based, effective wash you don’t need to rinse out. By using a quality product designed specifically for fine fabrics AND removing the extra rinse step, multiplied by hundreds of bra washes, the hand washing process has just been made infinitely easier. Yay! P.S. Why not simplify, streamline, and declutter? You don’t need a separate wash for every fine fabric in your wardrobe. Soak can also be used on all kinds of fabrics such as cashmere, baby clothes, wool, knits, swimwear, and workout wear.