UPF Rated Hats
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UPF Rated Hats

Bliss Beneath

A great hat complements everything from a bathing suit to a T-shirt and jeans

Skin cancer is the world’s most common cancer, and Bliss Beneath is pleased to offer the Australian-inspired brand Wallaroo Hats.

We only stock and sell their UPF 50 rated hats. Let’s take a moment and clear up any confusion about SPF (sun protection factor) and UPF (ultraviolet protection factor). SPF is an ingredient for skin products like sunscreen lotions and moisturizers or make up, and UPF determines how well a fabric protects your skin from ultraviolet rays. Wallaroo UPF 50 hats are scientifically proven to block 97.5-98% of damaging ultraviolet rays. They have earned the prestigious “Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation” from the Skin Cancer Foundation, which is the only international organization dedicated solely to the education, prevention, early detection, and prompt treatment of melanoma.

There’s another benefit to wearing Wallaroo UPF 50 hats as well: UV rays from the sun are the number one cause of early ageing, wrinkles, and age spots in the skin. Consider this: a woman at age 40 who has protected her skin from the sun actually has the skin of a 30-year-old! The UV light from the sun damages the elastin fibres in our skin, causing our skin to sag, stretch, and wrinkle. So not only do Wallaroo UPF 50 hats help protect your skin from the world’s most common cancer, they also help prevent premature ageing of the skin. They’re super cute and come in a wide range of styles… broad brimmed, fedora, rancher, wire edged, oversized, cloche. They have a drawstring on the inside for an adjustable fit, and they’re packable/crushable. And they complement everything from a bathing suit to a sundress to a T-shirt and jeans.

UPF rated hat brand we carry:

• Wallaroo