Operation Nurture a Nurse!
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Hi! Bliss Beneath is a new Barrie small business just 10 months old. We specialize in lingerie, swimwear, sleepwear, and breast prostheses fittings.

If you know anything about small businesses, you know as a general rule of thumb business owners usually don’t start making a profit till after year three.. I’m Tamara Disaverio, the owner of Bliss Beneath in Barrie, and I was racking my brain trying to come up with a way to support our community when an idea was delivered to my email inbox!

A woman named Larisa in Chicago who owns and operates a shop called Chantilly Lace came up with the wonderful idea of requesting $50 donations from the community to donate sleepwear from her shop to the hardworking nurses at her local hospital. The $50 community donations partially cover Larisa’s out-of-pocket expenses for the sleepwear. I immediately knew this was something I wanted to spearhead here in Barrie!

We have carefully selected and packaged more than 50 sleepwear items to donate to our local nurses. They are divided by size XS – XL. I’m reaching out to you, my valued clients and community members, to ask if you will please sponsor a care package for Operation Nurture a Nurse with specially selected soft and pretty sleepwear items from our store. Your name as a sponsor will be included as well as a description of the item donated.

We are well aware that there are also male nurses who deserve the same gratitude, and while we don’t carry male clothing, perhaps it could be a gift that they give to a female closest to them.

I have connected with the Barrie RVH, and I will personally deliver the donations to our deserving nurses.

Donate Now

Tamara will call you to remotely run your credit or you can send an etransfer to  tamara@blissbeneath.com.